Feb 20 2014

Atlas der Welt. Veneto

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Aug 21 2010

Russia: Sacred and Mysterious

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Nov 7 2008

Images of the Virgin

Visit to the Church of the Annunciation in Nazareth, where the unique collection of frescoes depicting the Mother of God from all over the world is kept, gave me the inspiration to make a small exposition “IMAGES OF THE MOTHER OF GOD”.

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Oct 23 2008

A Handful of Sand


«Some three or four hundred meters away from the Pyramid I bent over, took up a handful of sand, let it fall silently a little further on, and said in a low voice: “I am modifying the Sahara”. The deed was minimal, but the not ingenious words were exact and I thought that I had needed my entire life to be able to say them. My memory about that moment is among the most important things I brought from Egypt».

Jorge Luis Borges, “Desert”,
from “Atlas” collection

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Oct 23 2008

Leafs from the India Garden

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Oct 22 2008

Chrysanthemums from the Land of Yamato


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