Vladimir Asmirko was born in 1963 on Sakhalin Island in the Far East of Russia, over ten thousand kilometres from Moscow but barely two hundred from Japan.

He discovered photography early in life, at the age of thirteen. His grandfather, himself a passionate amateur photographer, guided the boy’s first steps in this art. Vladimir graduated from the Faculty of Television and Broadcasting of the Humanitarian Institute in Moscow where he specialised in documentary films & TV direction.

He started his career in Vladivostok, working for the “Daltelefilm” documentary studios. Later he moved to the Far East department of the national TV channel “Rossia” where he worked on projects for another Russian national TV channel, “ORT” and made several documentaries for the channels “Kultura” and “Russia Today”. He has shot footage in China, Japan, the Ussury taiga, the Kuril Islands, the Kamchatka peninsula and Siberia, as well as in the North of India, in Syria, France and Italy.

The result of such a vast creative geography is a rich filmography: “The Russian Harbin” (director and director of photography), “The Eastern Himalayas” (director and d.o.p.), “Travel to Japan in search of… Russia” (director and d.o.p.), “The Trinity Academy” (director and d.o.p.), “Mid-Century” (d.o.p. and editing director), “The Life of an Icon” (director and d.o.p.) and a number of films for the series “Secrets of the Golden Ring of Russia” (d.o.p. and editing director): “Secrets of the Tobolsk Kremlin“, “Under One Sky, by One River“, “Secrets of the Rozhdestvensky Convent”.

Vladimir Asmirko started exhibiting his work in 2000. Individual photo exhibitions such as “Leafs from the India Garden”, “Chrysanthemums of Yamato”, “Fairy Tales from the Old Castle”, “A Cathedral Called Russia”, “India – Russia. Temples Talk to us”, “Journeys’ Geography” and several collective exhibitions like “A Handful of Sand”, “Images of the Virgin”, “A City, a Poet, a Sky” and “Russia: Sacred and Mysterious” were held in over twenty Russian cities as well as in Ukraine; Kazakhstan; Vilnius, Lithuania; Paris, France; Lugano, Switzerland and Venice, Italy.

Vladimir Asmirko lives and works in Moscow.